Phil Ivey

Nickname:The Tiger Woods of Poker
Birth date:1st February, 1976
Birth place:Riverside, California
Plays at:Full Tilt Poker
"When I'm Playing My Best I'm Unbeatable" ~ Phil Ivey
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Phil D. Ivey is a top poker player, and has played professional poker in many years. Many know him as the "Tiger Woods of Poker", and he is a great tournament player, though he is beginning to prefer cash games instead. Mr. Ivey won his first World Series of Poker title in 2000, has won a World Poker Tour and holds a record of being at the final tables in World Poker Tour eight times. At his eight in February 2008, he captured $1,596,000 in first prize winnings, taking down top players, such as Phil Hellmuth and Nam Le. His total live tournament winnings exceed 10 million USD. So even though many often underestimate Phil Ivey, fact remains: His winnings are proof of a poker player with high quality skills.

Team Full Tilt

Phil Ivey plays online exclusively at Full Tilt Poker, and is one of the poker pros of Team Full Tilt. Though his cold expression control can't be seen when playing online with him, he is still know for playing very aggressively online, and you can experience it yourself by opening account with the Full Tilt Client, and entering GETMORE as referral code. He goes under the nickname Phil Ivey. Many compare his aggressive style of play with Gus Hansen, who is also a member of Team Full Tilt.

Serious bluffing

Ivey is also known for being one of the most successful bluffers in professional poker. His already known aggressive style of play, makes it really difficult to predict whether he is just trying to buy a pot or actually holds a great hand. This is combined with him playing highly secure in some periods, which creates a frightening character in front of his opponents, who will wonder and get confused if he suddenly switches from playing securely to aggressively.

You can read more about Phil Ivey on his own website or wikipedia.

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