Howard Lederer

Nickname:The Poker Professor
Birth date:30th October, 1964
Birth place:Concord, New Hampshire
Plays at:Full Tilt Poker
"I am confident that the information I take in with my eyes far exceeds what I give away." ~ Howard Lederer
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Howard Lederer AKA "The Professor" lives in Las Vegas and his total winnings exceed $4,100,701, of which 9 large pots were collected as first place finishes and 2 of these had the honer of earning Mr. Lederer WSOP bracelets. He started playing poker more than 20 years ago, along with his Sister, Annie Duke, and he aims to win the big WSOP $10,000 buy-in.
As his nickname indicates, he likes to educate other people in playing poker, and is probably also one of the best players to give advice about the game. At the tables, he usually just sits and waits for the opponents to show their signs. He has a patient style of play, and tends to play pretty much out of sight, until he all of a sudden turns the table upside down. His professional opponents know this of course, and therefore try not to underestimate the poker skill he posses.

Team Full Tilt

As one of the founders and CEOs of Tiltware Inc, which is the company which owns Full Tilt Poker, Howard Lederer is an important member of Team Full Tilt and some might even call him the leader of the professional poker team. Besides that, you even have a chance to meet The Professor playing online poker exclusively at Remember to use our Full Tilt Poker Referral Code to get some free bonus cash along the way, so you have a better chance acquiring a solid bankroll so you can play at the high tables, which are among those Howard Lederer uses to play at. He often sits at the same tables as other Full Tilt professionals, such as Phil Ivey.

You can read more about Howard Lederer on his website and on Wikipedia.

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