Gus Hansen

Nickname:The Great Dane
Birth date:13th February, 1974
Birth place:Copenhagen, Denmark
Plays at:Full Tilt Poker
"I play the players, not the cards..." ~ Gus Hansen
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Many know him as the most aggressive poker player in the world, which is partly true. Gus (Gustav) Hansen was originally a professional backgammon player, participating in world class games, but chose a professional poker career instead, back in 1997. Since then, Mr. Hansen has been at the World Poker Tours and, as of 2009, won 3 titles, which made him the only player who has ever won 3 World Poker Tour open events, and has besides that participated in the World Series of Poker, the European Poker Tour and several other large tournaments and championships, of which he has won many. He also appeared in 2004 People Magazine’s article as among the "50 sexiest people".
In 2008 his total tournament winnings exceeded $7,200,000, which made him one of the most profitable poker professionals in the world.

Gus Hansen is known for his frequent all-in moves, aggressive playing style and cold bluffer, all of which are qualities participating in creating a frightening atmosphere around the poker tables. Many believe that he and Phil Ivey are equally aggressive in their playing styles and those are often compared, though Hansen is said to be more of a gambler, however fact remains: His style of play has resulted in him being one of the most respected poker players ever.

Team Full Tilt

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Biggest pot in history

Gus Hansen held the record for winning the biggest pot in poker history, with four fives against Daniel Negreanu's full house of sixths, in the second season of High Stakes Poker, which had a total value of $575,000.

You can read more facts about him on the official Gus Hansen Wikipedia page or his own website.

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